Digital Competence Check tool

Career orientation is one of the most serious pathways young people have to take. In that process, they need to be advised and guided as much as they can.

In this Project, we are trying to address the needs of both young people and their school counsellors and parents to use more individualized approach to self-assessment as well as check of their own competences for a certain job within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) – Computer, Electrical/electronic and Mechanical Engineering (CEME) field.

Our digital competence tools focus on a career path in CEME, helping you in career orientation.


Digital competence check tool

With digital skills as basis for ¾ of all jobs by 2025, the concept for a digital competence tool is very important in the assessment of own digital competences. We live in a digital era and those skills are crucial to the majority of employers, especially in the area of STEM, but also in general as online jobs are becoming more and more popular in the job market.

This competence tool offers a platform for the competence check where each pupil can check for themselves if they have good individual preconditions for becoming a VET student. It is about the recognition of skills and competences for VET in CEME. Its aim is to help and motivate our pupils to choose technical occupations.

Our Digital Competence Check Tool is developed and you can find it down below: