Teachers – counsellors

One of the aims of this Project is to assist the teachers – career counsellors in schools and other institutions in their responsible and motivational tasks.

These tools represent a concept of career counselling for Vocational Education Training (VET) students and NEETs (young people in neither employment nor education or training) and enable provision of individual guidance based on competence and motivation checks. The emphasis is on individual career counselling services provided to VET students in computer, electrical/electronic engineering and mechanical engineering (CEME) and are designed to help students recognise their strengths and weaknesses and support them in making important career decisions and choosing most optimal pathways (further education, employment or self-employment).

The providers of career counselling are not limited only to school staff and teachers, but involve also psychologists and other professionals from other institutions. 

Additionally, this concept offers a list of competences for teachers (VET staff) who provide providing career counselling services. The list has been created by the experts who are engaged in this project and the whole list can be seen here.

Our concept has been created by experienced professionals in the field of career counselling, specially focused on young people. The concept offers a general step-by-step guidance and includes all important steps within the phases of counselling process.