Self-assessment Check tool

Career orientation is one of the most serious pathways young people have to take. In that process, they need to be advised and guided as much as they can.

In this Project, we are trying to address the needs of both young people and their school counsellors and parents to use more individualized approach to self-assessment as well as check of their own competences for a certain job within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) – Computer, Electrical/electronic and Mechanical Engineering (CEME) field.

This Self-assessment tool that we are creating enables an individualized tool for assessing your skills and aspirations. Self-assessment tests are widely used in career orientation processes as a valuable tool for individualized assessment of own skills and capacities and as a motivator to choose a most suitable career path. It is very important to assess own skills and avoid a skill mismatch and/or shortage.

This Self-assessment tool offers a platform for recognition of skills, talents and aptitudes in the technical field. It is mainly intended for senior primary school pupils and their parents and its aim is to help pupils in recognition of their own skills and abilities, but also discover their aptitudes; it is about raising awareness of own tendencies and orientations.

Our tool is at your disposal in two languages, for Croatia and Austria