Project Coordinator: Adult Education Institution Praxis, Karlovac, Croatia

AEI Praxis – College for practical knowledge is a private non-profit education and training institution founded in 2016 with the headquarters in Karlovac. Praxis College offers a range of formal and informal adults education programs, from EU project management, development of educational curricula to specific technical vocational trainings. It is also managing an important educational development project, that is a modernisation and development of the Vocational Technical High School Karlovac as a Regional Centre of Competence in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering and computing. It is also taking part in several Erasmus + projects, such as KA104 Mobility in adult education: “New perspectives of knowledge” aiming at improving opportunities for minorities and their access to education programs.

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Project partner: ÖSB Consulting GmbH, Vienna

ÖSB Consulting is part of the ÖSB Group, the largest independent provider of labour market services in Austria, with more than 30 years of experience. ÖSB develops innovative concepts, counselling programmes and pilot projects for the working world of tomorrow. It implements national and international projects and programmes in its core areas of expertise: Active Aging & Health at Work, Business Consultancy, Promoting Employability, Entrepreneurship, Gender Equality and supporting Vulnerable Groups. Their projects provide individual counselling to unemployed persons, young people at the threshold from schooling to the labour market and/or at risk of dropping out of school as well as vulnerable groups including those not in education, employment or training (NEETs), long-term unemployed, migrants/refugees and working poor (with a focus on girls and women). On an international level, they manage EU wide mutual learning programmes in the field of employment and gender equality and cooperate in technical assistance projects related to employment policies and VET.

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Project Partner: Technical School Karlovac, Croatia

Technical School Karlovac began operating in 1946 under the name of the Industrial School of the Metal Profession. It obtained its present name in 1991.

The School is currently being developed as Regional Centre of Competence (RCC) in electrical engineering and computing and as RCC in mechanical engineering for four Croatian counties, and as their central technical VET institution.

The school implements a 4-year and 3-year curriculum for the acquisition of secondary vocational education in 16 programmes in mechanical, metallurgical, electrical, PTT and transport professions. It also offers programmes in adult secondary education in these professions.

The school educates 16 VET programmes in 30 classes, out of which 240 students in computer and electrical engineering and mechanical engineering programmes. There are 93 employees of the school, out of which 55 professors, 8 practical training teachers and 6 assistants in practical training.

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Project partner: Croatian Employment Service, Regional Office Karlovac

The Croatian Employment Service (CES) is a public institution that employs 1,600 employees and consists of a Central Office and 18 Regional Offices so as to be accessible to all residents of the Republic of Croatia.

The mission of the CEI is effective mediation in the labour market with the aim of providing the necessary labour force, achieving full employment and enabling the obtention of rights during unemployment, while promoting partnerships with stakeholders in the labour market.

The main activity is employment mediation between employers and jobseekers and the provision of career counselling services. CEI monitors economic trends and employment, proposes measures to improve employment and implements active employment policies. The Institute cooperates with educational institutions in order to harmonize educational and training programs with the needs of labour market and the implementation of career guidance, and organizes and finances training programs for unemployed persons.

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Grant Agreement awarded by the Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes (AMPEU)

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